One simple but effective method to update heating and cooling capabilities in your home is to replace manual thermostats with programmable thermostats. Regardless of the model of HVAC system you rely on in your home, installing a programmable thermostat can be advantageous for many different reasons. Here are just a few of the benefits of programmable thermostats!

They’re Convenient

Possibly the most raved-about characteristic shared by almost all programmable thermostats is remote adjustability. Using Bluetooth or WiFi, you can adjust the temperature of your home without leaving your couch. Programmable thermostats are also convenient because they can be taught routines and schedules, so you can change temperatures at your leisure at different times of the day without lifting a finger!

They Save You Money

Because programmable thermostats allow you to have more control over your heat pump, air conditioner, or whatever other HVAC system you use, they end up saving you a ton of money. Think about it: while you’re at work or on vacation, you’ll actually be able to control your system as if you were there in person. This means you can turn down — or shut off — the heating or air conditioning functions that you previously had to leave running. Your energy usage will go down, and you’ll see a big difference in your utility bills!

They Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient appliances, systems, and processes are becoming more and more important as we try to mitigate some of the damage we’ve caused to our planet. If you’re interested in a greener lifestyle, installing a programmable thermostat is a great step to take. Plus, energy efficiency saves money. Your systems last longer with less replacement or repair necessary, and you can take advantage of state and even government rebates.

They’re Easy to Use

Keeping your home at a consistent temperature using a programmable thermostat is so simple that even a young child can do it. You don’t have to worry about needing computer or smartphone skills to program your thermostat. All you need to do is push a button, turn a dial, or touch a screen, and you’re ready to go! Even if you have no experience with smart home technology, the instructions included with most programmable thermostats are more than enough to get you started saving money! 

They Keep You Informed

If you’re having a problem with an HVAC system in your home, sometimes the very first clue that something’s wrong happens when the system sputters to a stop and dies completely. That’s the last thing you want!  Many types of programmable thermostats will provide you with system alerts, error notifications, and energy usage analysis data. Even if your system has never failed you before, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there’s an extra set of eyes looking out for potential issues — and that you can discover exactly how much energy you’re using every time you crank up the AC or dial up the heat.

Go the “Smarter” Way Today!

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