Annual Maintenance Plans

Boiler Heating & Cooling professionals explain why homeowners should get a second opinion about HVAC services.

At Boiler, we’ve got your back for service maintenance on your air conditioner and furnace!

The best way to prevent equipment failure is always good maintenance. That’s why we provide regular maintenance options for our customers in the Lafayette, Indiana area. We want to be sure your heating and cooling system is running without a problem.


Our three-tiered Total Customer Care service plan options provide the best solution to your HVAC problems — before they happen!

Your HVAC system is an integral component of your home’s comfort. When it comes to keeping the HVAC system in good condition, regular AC and heating maintenance go a long way towards making that a reality. However, knowing when to call in the professionals to help give your system a tune-up can be challenging. Putting your system into an HVAC maintenance plan in Lafayette, IN, can give you the peace of mind you need. Boiler Heating and Cooling can help your home!

When you sign up for one of your HVAC maintenance plans in Lafayette, IN, you get the full power of our specially trained technicians by your side for regular AC and heating maintenance to keep your system running at its best. Our heating services maintenance plans include giving you reminders to schedule your upcoming boiler repair services, furnace services, IAQ services, and air conditioning services for their yearly checkups.

Why Should I Have a Servic Plan for my Air Conditioner and Furnace?

You could just have your A/C and furnace serviced on occasion — or just plan to call a technician when you need repairs.

But with our service plans, you get extra benefits:

Having a regular service plan means you’re ahead of the game! We keep your equipment in better shape, often catch problems early, before they become bigger, and you get priority service if you do have a problem.

Choose peace of mind by choosing a Boiler Heating and Cooling maintenance plan for your air conditioner and furnace!

Total Customer Care Service Plans

Choose from our Gold or Platinum plans — lock in your price and a discount for our multi-year options:

  • 2 Service Visits per year (Spring & Fall)
  • Priority Service – Includes same-day emergency service and NO after-hours charge
  • 10% off all additional repairs & parts for service
  • Member discount on new equipment

Sign Up Today!

Sign up for a service plan today, and stop worrying about your air conditioner and furnace!

Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Lafayette, IN

Providing you and your family with a comfortable home feeling requires your heating and cooling systems to operate efficiently. We strive to ensure that your heating and cooling systems remain in good working order throughout the year. When you need an air conditioner tune-up, our HVAC maintenance plan in Lafayette, IN, allows you to get one of our technicians out to your home and get it looked at before you need it for an Indiana summer.

Our air conditioner services have helped countless homeowners throughout the state, including the following areas:

  • Attica, IN
  • Brookston, IN
  • Chalmers, IN
  • Clarks Hill, IN
  • Crawfordsville, IN
  • Dayton, IN
  • Delphi, IN
  • Fowler, IN
  • Frankfort, IN
  • Linden, IN
  • Monticello, IN
  • Mulberry, IN
  • New Richmond, IN
  • Otterbein, IN
  • Remington, IN
  • Romney, IN
  • Rossville, IN
  • West Lafayette, IN
  • West Point, IN
  • Wolcott, IN

    Heating Tune-Up in Lafayette, IN

    Boiler Heating and Cooling’s HVAC maintenance plans in Lafayette, IN, don’t stop at your cooling unit; we can also handle your heating tune-up! Like your AC, your heating system should get looked at once a year to ensure it’s working the way it should. Our heating services focus on providing whatever your home’s heating solution is running as it’s intended. We offer extensive furnace services, water heater services, and heat pump services to keep your system running for the long haul.

    Keeping your heating unit working at its optimal efficiency throughout the Indiana winter requires having technicians ready to help with any unexpected problems that may arise. Our maintenance plans provide our customers with the peace of mind that their units are in good hands. We’ve taken steps to create and establish a reputation for putting our customers first and delivering the perfect combination of excellent customer service and high-quality work.

    Trust Your HVAC Maintenance With Boiler Heating & Cooling!

    Finding the time to schedule regular maintenance for your heating and cooling systems can easily slip your mind with your busy schedule. Instead of letting these essential maintenance tasks fall by the wayside, an HVAC maintenance plan in Lafayette, IN, with Boiler Heating & Cooling, can help!

    Our team of expertly trained technicians can come out to the property at regular intervals to give your heating and cooling systems the tune-ups they need to keep your home feeling comfortable. Contact us to enroll in one of our maintenance plans today! We’ll remind you when it’s time to have your heating or cooling system checked out and ensure it’s ready for the upcoming season.