Poor air quality in your home means more than just an accumulation of dust. While dust can be a major source of air pollution, it’s usually a part of a much larger problem within the home. Air pollution in a home can be just as bad — and even worse — than the air quality outside. So it’s important to remember to always keep on top of the air circulation throughout your HVAC units. But what can homeowners do to improve air quality in the short and long term? Here’s how to flow fresh, clean air into your home for years to come.

How Can My Indoor Air Be Unhealthy?

We all know about outdoor pollution. Car exhaust fumes, factory pollutants, and smoke can all lead to a few nasty smells outdoors. But many homeowners believe their indoor air quality is perfect if they aren’t smelling a foul odor. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case; things like flooring and paint can impact the air circulating inside a home without necessarily having a strong smell. HVAC units only recirculate the air inside a home, so what goes around usually comes around. Electronics, toys, carpets, cooking, and cleaning products can leave unsightly particles and odors in the air, impacting the health and safety of everyone in the home. 

Remove the Most Obvious Air Pollutants

People spend a large percentage of their time indoors, so getting rid of air pollutants is extremely important. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are dangerous materials present in some of our most commonly used products. This can be anything from rotting food to dying indoor plants and household chemical sprays that leave a lasting residue. Sometimes products causing air pollution aren’t always things you want to throw away, so at the very least, place them in the garage or another storage area.

Change Your Air Filters

Many homeowners forget the importance of changing out their air filters. HVAC filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days and sooner for environments with extreme weather conditions. Not only can dirty filters restrict airflow, but they will start to allow particles to seep through and enter your home. If you find it difficult to keep up with changing your filters, ask a local contractor about HVAC maintenance plans that make it simple and easy to refresh your systems.

Check on the Condition of Air Ducts

Air ducts are another important component in the indoor air quality equation. For air to properly go through each compartment, air ducts must be completely sealed and protected from external conditions. A few rips and tears can bring unwanted polluted air into the entire home. Because air ducts are usually hidden, homeowners rarely know when their air ducts are going bad. Proper maintenance ensures that your air ducts work properly for years to come and can analyze and detect any potential faults. 

Use the Power of Nature

Indoor plants are a great source of clean, natural oxygen. Plants naturally filter the air, taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, and do wonders for your home decor. Some studies have shown that even one houseplant can improve certain home air quality by as much as 25%. Studies have also shown that plants can help prevent harmful bacteria from settling in and lower stress and anxiety. Leverage the power of a houseplant and keep your air quality at satisfactory levels.

Balance Humidity

When most people think of humidity, they usually think about reducing the amount in their home. But did you know it’s important to have a relatively stable humidity level in a home? 30 to 50% is the ideal humidity level of a home, so consider using a dehumidifier in the summer to keep all that moisture away. When the winter months hit, turn on a humidifier to add a bit of moisture in the air to improve your comfort throughout those blistering cold days.

Contact Your Local HVAC Company for Help!

Poor indoor air quality can result in plenty of danger to people and pets and even make it uncomfortable to be around your own house. Boiler Heating & Cooling can help improve indoor air quality by checking on furnaces and air conditioners, providing maintenance and repairs to air ducts, and so much more. Residents in and around Lafayette, Indiana, can all enjoy the perks of our local HVAC company by contacting us today! If poor air quality is taking over your home, give us a call, and our contractors will work their magic to provide exactly what your home needs.