Annual Maintenance Plans

Boiler Heating & Cooling professionals explain why homeowners should get a second opinion about HVAC services.

At Boiler, we’ve got your back for service maintenance on your air conditioner and furnace!

The best way to prevent equipment failure is always good maintenance. That’s why we provide regular maintenance options for our customers in the Lafayette, Indiana area. We want to be sure your heating and cooling system is running without a problem.

Our three-tiered service plan options provide the best solution to your HVAC problems — before they happen!

Why Should I Have a Maintenance Plan for my Air Conditioner and Furnace?

You could just have your A/C and furnace serviced on occasion — or just plan to call a technician when you need repairs.

But with our service plans, you get these benefits:

  • 2 Service Visits per year (Spring & Fall)
  • Priority Service – Includes same-day emergency service and NO after-hours charge
  • 10% off all additional repairs & parts for service
  • Member discount on new equipment

Having a regular service plan means you’re ahead of the game! We keep your equipment in better shape, often catch problems early, before they become bigger, and you get priority service if you do have a problem.

Choose peace of mind by choosing a Boiler Heating and Cooling maintenance plan for your air conditioner and furnace!

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